Do Hurting People Really Hurt People?

I want to debunk the following statement: “Hurting People Hurt People!”

Don’t get me wrong; I understand (I think) what people mean by that. But I also want to say that the contrast is often just as true, that Hurting People Heal People!

Hear me out! Ever been mistreated only to resolve to never inflict the same pain on others as was inflicted upon you?
Ever decided to be that friend to that lonely person because you know what it’s like to sit in painful loneliness?

If so, then you know what I’m talking about.

Now, admittedly, this is much more difficult, if not impossible, without Jesus, but I find that those who are in Christ who have hurt the most are the most tender hearted towards others after they take their pains to Jesus and let Him handle their hurts!
And it’s not that the hurt is always gone! It’s just that sometimes you are healed from the tendencies of bitterness because of Jesus’ touch.

Who among us has not forgiven a wrong doing that, occasionally, still hurts when you think about it?

Is it a sin to hurt?

If so, Christ was the biggest sinner of them all. BUT HE WAS HURT, AND YET HE NEVER HURT ANYONE, AND HE CERTAINLY NEVER SINNED!

Why? Because there was no guile (bitterness) within him and as a result it never surfaced through his mouth (speech).

He who hang hurting on the Cross spoke blessings over his enemies when He prayed for their forgiveness!

So, do hurting people hurt people? Of course they do if they don’t have Jesus’ aid. But when you have Jesus helping, you can heal others even when you are hurting and bleeding to death.
Let Him help you help others in spite of (and maybe even because of) your hurt!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill

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