Welcome to Corner Stone Keynotes: Your Hub for Storing and Scripturally Aligning Your Teachings

Hey there, Fellow Minister and Teacher,

I'm Pastor Gary Caudill. Picture this: a one-of-a-kind, sacred corner online where you can securely store all your sermons, messages, and teachings. That's exactly what you get with Corner Stone Keynotes—a platform designed to elevate your ministry's effectiveness by directly connecting any or all of your content with the related Scriptures, respectively. Here's the rundown:

  • Message Archive:  Compile all your teachings with ease. Our unique "keys" allow you to directly tie each sermon or lesson to its corresponding Bible passage, crafting a cohesive spiritual narrative for others to explore.
  • Interactive Faith Community:  Deepen your ministry's impact with Scripture-based interactions. Our platform's built-in contact forms and sharing options empower you to foster a community grounded in the Word.
  • Easy-to-Use Platform:  Transition smoothly into your new online space with a nominal monthly subscription, initiated only after your site goes live. A discounted one-time setup fee (to be disclosed) ensures your site is customized to fit your ministry needs—complete with SSL security, Google Maps, social media links, and on-site SEO. You'll also get your own subdomain, cloud hosting, and step-by-step video guides for easy updates. Additional features like real-time traffic data, an accessibility starter kit, and reliable support are included, with optional extras like Google Calendar and chat box available upon request. Want to focus solely on your ministry? Opt for our done-for-you services (custom quote available).   If the financial commitment is challenging, you can suggest an amount you can afford upfront and monthly. You might also allow us to reach out to friends or family for sponsorship. Otherwise, we'll pray and seek sponsorship for you. We offer this for both our standard and done-for-you pricing models.  We will pray to match you up with a willing sponsor who will invest in the publication of God's Word through your ministry if needed.
  • Focused on the Word, Tailored for Your Ministry:  Corner Stone Keynotes is designed to uplift the Word of God while providing you with the tools to share it effectively. Your teachings, sermons, and selected resources are prominently and exclusively featured at your sole discretion, allowing your specific voice to be heard as guided by The Spirit, all in the context of glorifying the Scriptures.

Explore With Our Guided Walkthrough!

Before diving in, I suggest spending a few minutes watching our how-to video. It'll give you a clear understanding of what Corner Stone Keynotes can do for your ministry. Feel free to test out our beta version, a live demo showcasing the platform's capabilities. I'm confident you'll find it engaging. As you explore, envision how this tool could be tailored to serve your specific ministry needs. If you navigate away but want to revisit our offer, just come back to this "Invite" page and fill out the form at the bottom. We're excited about the possibility of enhancing your ministry through this dedicated resource!
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Become an Accelerator for Ministries Focused on the Gospel

When you partner with us, you're not just supporting our ministry, you're actively participating in a greater mission to extend the reach of God's Word. By pre-ordering Corner Stone Keynotes, you’re contributing to the expedited launch of a world-changing platform. This isn't just another online space; it's a specially designed platform crafted to showcase your specific teachings, all securely anchored in Scripture. Your involvement not only propels our collective calling but also provides you with an invaluable tool to deepen and broaden your own ministry's impact through discipleship and evangelism.
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An Investment for Expanding God's Kingdom – Your Personal Invitation

Be a foundational piece in an initiative aimed squarely at glorifying God with Corner Stone Keynotes. An early commitment from you not only locks in a 20% savings, but it also propels us closer to our goal of going live by January 2024. But this isn't just about funding tech; it's about empowering ministries across the globe to share the good news of Christ more effectively. We've designed various pathways, each specifically tailored to align with your ministry gifts and callings, inviting you to be a part of this unique venture in spreading the Gospel.

Join us on this singular platform, where spiritual growth, cooperative Gospel efforts, and your exclusive opportunity await.

In Christ's Service,
Pastor Gary Caudill

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