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Psalm 54


Psalm 54 is a heartfelt plea for divine intervention, beseeching God to save the psalmist from enemies who have risen without cause. The psalm encapsulates the tension of being under threat, yet it also reflects a profound faith in God's ability to deliver. Calling God by His Name and looking towards the "helper of the helpless," the psalmist shifts from a plea to an assurance of praise for the anticipated deliverance. This psalm serves as a powerful reminder that even in dire circumstances, faith in God's protection and justice can bring peace and ultimately, deliverance.

Psalm 54

1  (To the chief Musician on Neginoth, Maschil, A Psalm of David, when the Ziphims came and said to Saul, Doth not David hide himself with us?) Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.

2  Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth.

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3  For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.

4  Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.

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5  He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth.

6  I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O LORD; for it is good.

7  For he hath delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

End of Psalm 54

1 Year Plan:  May 10 - 2 Sa 9, 2 Sa 10, Ps 54 [next day]

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