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Sermon Title: "When God Gets Violent!"
Preacher: Pastor Gary Caudill
Scripture: Matthew 11:12
Location: Washington Heights Baptist Church
Date:  1-7-2024

Join us as Pastor Gary unveils the profound implications of a challenging verse in Matthew 11:12. This sermon, "When God Gets Violent!", delves into the heart of how the Kingdom of Heaven is actively pursued and sometimes confronted with force. This exploration through Scripture offers fresh insights into the dynamic and powerful nature of God’s kingdom.


In his compelling sermon on Matthew 11:12, Pastor Gary illuminates the verse, "From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force."

He unpacks this perplexing scripture, exploring the intense and proactive nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. Pastor Gary discusses how this passage reveals a spiritual reality where the Kingdom is not passive but subject to dynamic and forceful engagement.

He elaborates on the idea that this 'violence' is not  necessarily (though sometimes) physical but more often a metaphor for the fervent, passionate pursuit of the Kingdom by believers. The sermon challenges listeners to consider their own engagement with their faith, urging a bold and active approach in pursuing spiritual truths and the Kingdom of Heaven.

This sermon is an invitation to embrace a vigorous and committed faith, recognizing the active, sometimes forceful, nature of God's Kingdom as it moves and grows in the world.

Listen to the full sermon for an in-depth exploration of these powerful biblical concepts and their practical implications for our spiritual lives.

Take-a-Ways from Pastor Gary

"The Kingdom of Heaven is not just coming, it's at hand, it's right here; reach out and grab it. The kingdom is for the taking!" - This quote encapsulates the sermon's focus on the immediate availability and accessibility of the Kingdom of Heaven, emphasizing an active, participatory approach to faith.

"He that hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled, so fill us up as we hunger for You." - This prayer reflects the sermon's theme of spiritual hunger and pursuit of righteousness, emphasizing the fulfillment found in seeking God.

"God will take your religion and rip it up into a million little pieces and blow it to the wind, if that's what it takes for you to see Jesus." - This powerful statement highlights the sermon's critique of empty religious practices and emphasizes the importance of a genuine, transformative relationship with Jesus.

"The Kingdom of God subjects itself to violence and the violent take it by force; not with permission [from men]." - This quote captures the sermon's message about the dynamic and assertive nature of entering and experiencing God's kingdom, suggesting a proactive and determined faith.

"If your love for God was measured by your pursuit of Him, how would it measure up?" - This quote challenges the listeners to reflect on their commitment and fervor in seeking God, aligning with the sermon's call to passionate and dedicated faith.

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