God's prayer list

God's Prayer List (Part 1)

Preacher: Pastor Gary Caudill
Scripture: Colossians 1
Location: Washington Heights Baptist Church
Date:  1-10-2024

Dive into a profound exploration of prayer in our latest lesson, "God's Prayer List." This sermon delves into the essence of prayer, emphasizing the importance of aligning our desires with God's will. It challenges believers to shift focus from surface-level requests to the deeper roots of their faith. Through insightful analogies and biblical wisdom, the sermon uncovers the transformative power of prayer that seeks wisdom, spiritual understanding, and meaningful impact. It's a call to live authentically in faith, not just in words but in fruitful actions. Join us in this enlightening journey to deepen your prayer life and align more closely with God's intentions.

Taka-a-Ways from Pastor Gary:
  • It is our job to determine how closely our prayer list aligns with God's or how far off it might be. I often think that we pray about the fruit when we really need to be praying about the root​​.
  • God always addresses the root. If you desire good fruit, you must cultivate a healthy root system​​.
  • Do not cease praying for the desire to be filled with the knowledge of His will, along with all wisdom and spiritual understanding​​.
  • We should ask God to help us truly live out the Christian faith, not just talk about it. It's easy to claim you're a Christian, but another to BE a Christian​​.
  • Working for the Lord is one thing; being fruitful in that work is another. We're not just praying to be busy for Jesus; we're praying that our efforts for Jesus will yield tangible results​​.

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