Cancelling the Culture of Chaos: Confronting Spiritual Turmoil with Divine Order

Pastor Gary Caudill confronts the 'Culture of Chaos' in this compelling sermon, delivered at WHBC's Sunday Morning Service on 10-08-2023. Diving into Genesis 1:1-2, Pastor Caudill explores the biblical symbolism of chaos, represented by creatures like Leviathan and the serpent. He uncovers how these symbols reflect the spiritual battle between chaos and divine order, tracing chaos from its early biblical appearances to its ultimate defeat. The sermon navigates through the aspects of chaos affecting our lives - from disruption and fear to lies and strife - and leads to the triumphant conclusion where Jesus Christ, the Conqueror of Chaos, brings forth light and order. This sermon is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with the chaotic influences in today's world.

Attention Preachers, Teachers, and all Bible Studentsย 

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