The armies are assembling

Divine Battles and Earthly Conflicts: Understanding the Spiritual Warfare in 'The Armies are Assembling!'

Pastor Gary Caudill's sermon, 'The Armies are Assembling,' delivered at WHBC on 2-20-2022, delves into the profound message of Matthew 10:34-39. This sermon explores the spiritual battle raging between the armies of the Earth, Hell, and the Living God. It highlights the stark contrasts between earthly conflicts, spiritual warfare, and the ultimate divine intervention. From the turmoil of nations and families to the deceitful tactics of Satan and his forces, the sermon navigates through the complexities of these battles. It culminates in the powerful imagery of Revelation, where Jesus Christ leads the heavenly armies, symbolizing the final victory of divine justice. This sermon is a call to reflection and action, asking the pivotal question: 'Which army are you in?

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