Household order

Building Faith at Home: 'Household Order Part 2 / Discipleship; A Family Matter

Join Pastor Gary Caudill for 'Household Order Part 2 / Discipleship; A Family Matter' at WHBC on 07-31-2022. This sermon, grounded in Genesis 1:26-28, delves into the critical role of discipleship within the family unit. Pastor Caudill highlights the importance of fatherhood as a key to successful discipleship, drawing parallels between the spiritual guidance provided by God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the nurturing role of parents in a Christian home. The sermon emphasizes the family as the primary platform for instilling Christian values, fostering spiritual growth, and ensuring the continuity of faith through generations. It's a profound exploration of how families can come together in discipleship, reflecting Christ's love and teachings in their daily lives.

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