Heart Shifts:ย  Understanding the Power of Influence

In 'Heart Shifts,' a sermon delivered by Pastor Gary Caudill at WHBC on 2-19-23, the focus is on the profound influence of the heart, drawing from Genesis 31:1-16. Pastor Caudill explores how external, eternal, and internal influences shape our decisions and impact our relationships. Through the story of Jacob and Laban, the sermon highlights the subtle yet significant changes in heart and attitude that can go unnoticed until they manifest in actions. The message stresses the importance of guarding our hearts and being mindful of our influence on others, using Laban's desire to control rather than partner as a cautionary tale. The sermon concludes with the powerful reminder that God can be the keeper of our hearts, guiding us to make wise and righteous decisions.

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Attention Preachers, Teachers, and all Bible Studentsย 

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