GRACE: A Force to be Reckoned With!

Delivered by Pastor Gary Caudill at WHBC, "GRACE: A Force to be Reckoned With!" is a stirring exploration of grace's dynamic role in Christian faith. The sermon, rooted in Matthew 11 and Hebrews 2, unfolds in three compelling parts: OPEN YOUR EYES! (What are you LOOKING for?), OPEN YOUR EARS (What are you LISTENING for?), and OPEN YOUR HEART (What are you LONGING for?). Each segment builds on the last, culminating in a profound understanding of grace.

Pastor Caudill carefully interprets Jesus' teachings and actions, emphasizing how grace transcends natural and human forces, echoing through Christ's ministry. He draws inspiration from figures like John the Baptist and Elijah, who challenged the stagnancy of dead religion. The sermon concludes with a powerful call to embrace God's grace, underscoring its significance in avoiding judgment and experiencing divine presence and power.

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