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Are You Blessed, or Offended?

In his compelling sermon delivered at WHBC on January 23, 2022, during the Morning Service, Pastor Gary Caudill delves into the profound question: "Are You Blessed, or Offended?". Drawing from Matthew 11:2-6, Pastor Caudill explores the concept of being blessed as one who is not offended or scandalized by Jesus' teachings and actions. He uses the Bible to interpret itself, citing Job's unwavering faith amidst trials as an example of unoffended belief.

Pastor Caudill challenges his congregation to consider their actions and attitudes in their faith journey, categorizing them into three distinct groups: those often absent from the church, signifying offense in their absence; those present but not actively engaged, likely offended in their actions or attitude; and those fully accepting their mission, who are truly blessed as they cannot be offended. He emphasizes that true contentment and blessedness in faith come from acknowledgement, not acquisition.

Concluding his sermon, Pastor Caudill encourages his listeners to embrace a state of spiritual contentment, drawing parallels to the beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-12, and reiterating the inherent blessedness of living in faith. This sermon not only offers deep biblical insights but also serves as a call to introspection and spiritual growth.

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