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The Befores and Afters of Living By Faith

Led by Pastor Gary Caudill at WHBC, this teaching is a profound sermon series that examines the transformative power of faith through the lives of Biblical figures Joseph and Christ. This series beautifully weaves the narratives of trials and triumphs, showcasing how faith can turn hardship into exaltation and rejection into revelation. It's a journey that highlights the dynamic changes in life when anchored in faith, offering an inspiring message of hope and resilience to believers.

1. Privileges Lost and Gained

This installment contrasts Joseph's initial loss of privilege, symbolized by the stripping of his colorful coat, with his later elevation by Pharaoh. It parallels this with Christ's journey from heavenly privilege to earthly humility and then to exaltation.

2. The Pitโ€™s Pain & Promotion

The second part, "The Pitโ€™s Pain & Promotion," explores the depths of Joseph's despair in the pit and his subsequent rise to power, alongside Christ's descent and ascension, emphasizing the power of faith in overcoming trials.

3. The Ups and Downs of People & Possessions

ย "The Ups and Downs of People & Possessions" looks at Joseph's experience from being sold into slavery to reuniting with his family. It contrasts this with Christ's rejection by His people and His role in bringing many to glory.

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4. Prestige: Plundered or Promoted?

In "Prestige: Plundered or Promoted?" the focus shifts to the fluctuating prestige of Joseph, from false accusations to recognition by Pharaoh, and Christ's journey from scorn to having the 'Name Above All Names.'

5. Prophetic Footprint: Rejection vs. Revelation

The series culminates with "Prophetic Footprint: Rejection vs. Revelation," where Joseph's initial rejection due to his prophetic visions transforms into a pivotal role in Egypt. This is mirrored in Christ's misunderstood mission, which ultimately leads to the fulfillment of prophecy and healing for humanity. Pastor Caudill's sermon brings to light the profound impact of faith in transforming life's lows into divine highs.

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