It's All True!

During the Sunday Morning Service at WHBC on May 15, 2022, Pastor Gary Caudill delivered a sermon titled "It's All True!" focusing on Psalm 1:1-6. The sermon explores the theme of true happiness, beginning with the phrase "BLESSED is the manโ€ฆ". Pastor Caudill emphasizes achieving happiness through avoiding negative influences and maintaining a positive mindset. He identifies three main areas of caution: following bad advice, keeping company with negative influences, and adopting a scornful attitude. For each, he offers a biblical 'fix', highlighting the significance of meditating on the Lord's teachings, understanding Jehovah's eternal nature, and taking pleasure in His laws.

The sermon concludes with reflections on Psalm 1:4-6, drawing a stark contrast between the paths of the righteous and the ungodly. While it suggests the fleeting nature of the ungodly, akin to chaff blown away by the wind, it affirms that the righteous, under the Lord's guidance, follow a path of enduring righteousness. Pastor Caudill's message is clear: true happiness and blessing are found in aligning oneself with divine wisdom, steering clear of the less enduring allure of ungodly ways.
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