How to Get the Bleeding to Stop

Delivered by Pastor Gary Caudill on a Sunday night at WHBC on May 15, 2022, this sermon dives into the text of Mark 5:25-34, showcasing the miraculous healing of a woman who had suffered from a severe issue of blood for twelve years. Pastor Caudill vividly narrates her journey through pain, the failure of numerous treatments, and the continuous worsening of her condition, leading to a moment of desperate faith that brings about her immediate and complete healing. The sermon highlights her struggle, her unwavering belief in the healing power of Jesus, and the life-changing encounter that not only healed her physically but also redeemed her spiritually. Through this historical account, Pastor Caudill emphasizes hope, the significance of pressing into Christ with one's faith amidst adversity, and the miraculous outcomes that faith in Jesus can unlock, even in the most dire situations.

The sermon weaves together the woman's issue, opportunity, and ultimate healing to present a compelling message: regardless of the problem's severity or duration, hope and healing are always accessible through faith in Jesus. It serves as a powerful testament to the strength found in faith, the importance of pushing through challenges to reach Jesus, and the extraordinary grace that meets us at our point of need, offering a new life secured by His word.
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