The Strange Works of God (Series)

On March 10, 2024, during the Sunday Morning Service at WHBC, Pastor Gary Caudill delivered an inspiring sermon series introduction titled "The Strange Works of God". Diverging from his planned series to reintroduce the cross, Pastor Caudill felt compelled to explore Luke chapter five, focusing on the awe and amazement provoked by God's actions. He challenged the congregation to not lose their capacity for wonder at God's works, criticizing the modern tendency towards a controlled and dignified worship that stifles the genuine and miraculous. Highlighting how Jesus' miracles often upset religious norms and expectations, Pastor Caudill called for a return to a faith that welcomes God's power without restrictions.

The sermon emphasized the importance of being amazed by God's actions, questioning if contemporary Christians have become too accustomed to a "sleepy" faith that lacks excitement and power. Pastor Caudill urged the congregation to embrace the strange and unusual works of God, suggesting that a willingness to experience the supernatural could transform their faith and the church itself. By recounting biblical stories of healing and miraculous interventions, he illustrated the timeless relevance of God's power to intervene in extraordinary ways. Pastor Caudill's message was a call to break free from religious complacency and to seek a deeper, more dynamic relationship with God, one that is open to the unexpected and the miraculous.

The Strange Works of God (1)

1) Strange Appetites

When God performs a strange work among us, people develop an unusual hunger for genuine Bible preaching that can transform their lives. This desire leads them to not only seek out but also embrace solid Bible preaching, pushing them toward repentance and service to the King of kings​​.

2) Strange Associations

Jesus chose to associate with average, ordinary individuals, often seen as below average and unlearned, to accomplish His work. This choice emphasizes God's preference for using those who are not necessarily wise or powerful by worldly standards, ensuring that He receives all the glory for their achievements​​.

The Strange Works of God - Part 1

The Strange Works of God (2)

3) Strange Instructions

God often gives instructions that seem illogical or counterintuitive, such as fishing in deep waters during the day, contrary to the standard practices of fishermen. This illustrates that God's ways are not our ways, and His instructions, though strange to us, are perfectly sensible and effective when followed in faith​​.

4) Strange Results

Following God's strange instructions leads to surprising results, such as a miraculous catch of fish when none was expected. This outcome not only astonishes those involved but also profoundly impacts their perception of their abilities and God's power, emphasizing that with God, all things are possible​​.

5) Strange Effects

The work of God often leads to a humbling effect, where individuals realize their inadequacies and the grandeur of God's grace. This realization fosters a deep sense of humility, stripping away arrogance and pride, and acknowledging that only God could have achieved such results​​.

The Strange Works of God - Part 2

The Strange Works of God (3)

6) Strange Purposes

God uses our lives and experiences as metaphors or object lessons to reveal His purposes. These purposes are often hidden until the right moment when God reveals how everything we've gone through has prepared us to understand and fulfill His plans for our lives​​.

7) Strange Commitment

Choosing to follow Jesus entails a commitment that often looks illogical to the world. It involves forsaking all worldly possessions and ambitions to pursue a life dedicated entirely to Him. This level of commitment, though strange, is what enables true followers of Christ to make significant impacts for the Kingdom of God​​.

The Strange Works of God - Part 3

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