Winning at Life - Overcoming The Amorites

Pastor Gary Caudill delivered a compelling sermon titled "Winning at Life - Overcoming The Amorites" on April 21, 2024, during the Sunday evening "Winner's Circle" youth/young adult program at WHBC, as part of "Winning at Life" series. He delved into the biblical representation of the Amorites, illustrating them as symbols of bitterness and judgmental spirits that hinder the cultivation of meekness and gentleness. Drawing from scriptures across Genesis, Numbers, and Joshua, Pastor Caudill highlighted how these negative traits not only impacted the Amorites themselves but also serve as a caution for modern Christian lives.

Through engaging biblical narratives and practical applications, he emphasized the importance of driving out such destructive attitudes by fostering forgiveness, meekness, and steadfast faith. The sermon demonstrated how these principles are crucial for personal spiritual growth and overcoming the challenges that bitter and judgmental spirits pose, ensuring that believers can claim their spiritual "Promised Land."

Winning at Life - Overcoming the Amorites

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Attention Preachers, Teachers, and all Bible Students 

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