Embracing Faith and Purpose

Gen. 11:30

30 But Sarai was barren; she had no child. 

What could be God’s purpose in selecting a barren lady seemingly “at random” out of such a vast multitude of people?  Always remember that with God, nothing is without purpose; nothing is random!  There is great significance in this tidbit of information about Sarai, because she would later become known as Sarah, whom we know today was the wife of Abraham, the father of faith! It was of Abraham that it was said, “Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” Gal 3:6.

Our focus has been, to this point in our readings, primarily about seed...promised seed and preserved seed.  Let us learn a couple of quick lessons about seed today as it relates to faith.  You see, BECAUSE Abraham believed God (had faith in Him), God blessed his seed.  It was out of Abraham’s seed that the PROMISED seed came! Hence the reason that, in Abraham’s seed all the kindred of the earth are blessed  (see Acts 3:25)!

So, not to give away the story before it unfolds, but God specifically picked barren, childless Sarai out because it would be through her that He would continue the lineage of Christ!

Isn’t that just like God?  To pick the most unlikely candidate, the direst of circumstances, so as to teach us a great lesson: no matter what the obstacle, hindrance, shortcoming or failure, through faith and faith alone the seed is brought to life, and divine purposes are rendered!

You may say today, “I don’t have much to offer God; nay, I have nothing to offer Him!”  But I ask you two questions:  1) Do you have a seed? and 2) Do you have faith?  Faith is what converts a small, seemingly insignificant seed, into a beautiful, fruitful vineyard!  I once heard it said, “You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed.”

My friend, ACTIVATE and FERTILIZE your seed today by simply BELIEVING GOD!  If you do, God will take the barren lands in your life, and multiply them as the sands of the sea and the stars of the heavens by number!  “Where do I get seed and faith?” you ask?  See Hebrews 4:2 and Romans 10:17!   

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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