Beyond the Gifts: Seeing God’s Love in Every Blessing

Gen 45:27b and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived…

It is true that the gift itself is not nearly as cherished as the one who gives it!  In like manner, here come wagons to pick up what once was a heartbroken father.  Jacob thought it was over.  He had given up hope of ever seeing Joseph alive again!  As far as he was concerned, all hope was gone.  But then he sees the wagons!  These were not just any old wagons but these were wagons of royalty, first class if you will!  Best of all, these were wagons of provisions!  But wait, Jacob is not nearly as excited about the wagons, as he is the one who had them delivered!  There were several indicators that convinced Jacob before he ever laid eyes on Joseph that he was alive and well!  Perhaps Joseph remembered from his childhood what his father enjoyed eating, what style of clothes he preferred, what kind of jewelry impressed him, and so on.  Perhaps, having known exactly what his father would like, Joseph loaded his wagons down with every thoughtful gift he knew his father would enjoy, based upon his memory of him!  After Jacob saw the wagons, he knew that only Joseph could have sent them!  Not even Benjamin held quite the place in his heart as Joseph.  Therefore, when he saw Joseph’s personal touch all over these wagons, his spirit revived, for he knew without even looking upon him that he WAS alive!  No one else could have sent THESE wagons!  In like fashion, I can say today that no one ever cared for me like Jesus! No one ever was so kind as He!  No one else could take the sin and darkness from me!  Oh how much He cares for me!  When God tailor-makes your blessings, there’s no denying that it’s Him!  This is how I know He lives, because of His personal care for me!  Today, I’m not in love with His stuff or His provisions, but I love Him because He first loved me!  Even when I see His provisions on the way, my heart leaps within me, because I know that He is not far behind!  Oh that I might see HIM!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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