Finding Strength in Trials: Lessons from Israel's History

Ex 1:1-12

As we read our text, we notice that the one-time friends of Israel (the Egyptians) had turned into their enemies because they feared that the Israelites (who were growing in number, in leaps and bounds) would eventually turn against them in time of war. But the interesting thing here is how that in time of increased affliction, Israel continued to multiply and grow.  So here, in time of increased affliction, in time of what seemed to be darkness, we find growth: growth of a nation, growth of families, growth of intimacy between husbands and wives. There is something about afflictions, or hard times, that have the potential of creating growth in all of these areas, and potentially others as well.  Although affliction is never fun to go through, it is during these times that we can see real development, even in our own spiritual lives. We need to cry out to God for help in our times of trouble, and trust Him to come through for us. He did so for Israel, He has done so for me many times, and He will do so for YOU!

Ex 1:13-22 encourages us even more to do the will of God, even when it goes against the grain. These midwives feared God more than Pharaoh and his Egyptian government.  Even though they knew that it could cost them their own lives, they still chose to do what was right. A true measure of our own standards is this…Would you be willing to die for what you stand for? You see, not only should you be willing to die for God’s Word and its principles, but when it comes to your own preferences, your own convictions, or your own traditions, this would help you decide what is truly Biblically based in your own thinking. It’s time that we have some gumption about ourselves, and stand for the Lord and His Word, fearing God (not man) along the way, just as these midwives did.

~Chris Caudill, guest author 
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