Restoring the Broken: Embracing Humility in Spiritual Leadership

Lev 5:16a And he shall make amends for the harm that he hath done in the holy thing...

It is a sad reality that much harm has been done in holy things, for which there have been no attempts to making amends. We respect the literal context of our passage; however, we shall attempt to make some spiritual applications for our generation. How many people have been “harmed” in or by or because of the ministry, and have yet to be restored?

We who are supposed ministers of the Grace of God are to deal delicately with the hearts of those whom we wish to win to Christ! Too many times I have regrettably been guilty of, and have witnessed others guilty of harming someone rather than helping them get to Christ.

Furthermore, it is most unfortunate that when we realize our wrongs, we are often unwilling to make amends. We are often too proud to admit we were wrong. And sadly, the damage has been done. Hearts and minds have been forever tainted by well-intended, yet ill-willed and unskilled ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

God, have mercy on us for the times we have so foolishly and so carelessly mishandled ourselves in dealings with the lives and souls of men! God, help us to be Spirit-filled and well-skilled in the Word, so as to be tender and sensitive to the spiritual needs of others, rather than being blinded by our own preconceived notions, convinced by our stereotypical ideology, and guided by law-like religious tendencies which breed only condemnation and spiritual death!

If we have wronged someone in holy things, let’s make amends! If we were wrong, let us immediately admit it before God and our wronged brother, lest we be the fool we have accused them of being! Let’s swallow our pride, and lead in the ways of humility and meekness by submitting ourselves to be the servants to those whom we thought ourselves to be lords over!

“God, forgive us our arrogance, and help us to be ministers of Grace, guided by the Spirit, and filled with the Love of Christ for lost humanity!”

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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