Navigating the Misunderstood Waters of Divine Anointing

Numbers 16:7b take too much upon you, ye sons of Levi.

Perhaps there is nothing more misunderstood in ministry than the anointing of the Lord. It goes without saying that those who are anointed suffer the most from this misunderstanding! Here, a lust-filled people, desiring vain glory, accused the man of God of taking too much upon himself, as if HE was the one who set himself up to be the “prince”, as they called it! They were so blinded by their own ill motives, that they soon forgot that only God could have done through the servant Moses what had been done up to this point.

I have witnessed this in today’s church as well. There are those who assume that their pastor is just “out for a name”, when in fact all he is doing is living out his calling under the anointing of the Lord! Moses said well, “I have not taken one ass from them, neither have I hurt one of them.” Too often is the case, that the very man of God sent into someone’s life to be nothing but a blessing, can on the same hand be falsely accused of “taking” more than he gives.

We have here a two-fold application. First, to the servants of God I write, do not be surprised when others are not excited about what God is producing through His anointing in your life! There will always be those who rise up against the man of God. However, do not let this discourage you, because God will always confirm the word of His servant (see Isa 44:26)! He has your back! He shall cover you with His wings! He shall strengthen you! He shall anoint you yet the more for your suffering!

Now, secondly, to the rest I write, let this serve as a warning to anyone who would take it upon themselves to speak or act against the man of God, whoever he may be in your life! God still has a type of fire that shall manifest itself against anyone who raises themselves up against His chosen servants! Honor God, and honor His servants, and God will honor you!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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