The Lonely Road: Walking with God in Solitude

Jeremiah 15:17
I sat not in the assembly of the mockers, nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of thy hand: for thou hast filled me with indignation.

Few know the road less traveled as well as a man of the cloth. I’m not speaking of just any man, but one who has truly been called of God! Such a man who has been called by God has also been called to a place of few companions. It is not that we have no friends, but it is that they are few in number, and mostly separated either by time, distance, or distinction of service in particular. Let’s just face it; we cannot all serve under one roof, for we are called to go out! And, often in our goings out we find ourselves feeling lonely as we are placed apart from those whom we’ve grown to love as we’ve served the Lord together.

However, every Timothy must leave his Paul at some point to take up his own cross and bear his own burden. Therefore, it is possible to be able to minister to thousands, and still feel all alone. I write this because there will be someone reading this who will need to hear that even though you feel all alone, you are still as yet surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses! It is during those times, like Elijah, when we feel as if we’re standing alone in the battle, that we need a Heavenly reminder that God has thousands of others who are standing with us, be they far or near!

It is only a matter of timing and Heavenly purpose which determines the connections we need when we need them. This cross we must bear, though an honor and a privilege, does indeed take its toll on us, so we must learn to find death to self in the fellowship of His sufferings, and life and hope in the power of His resurrection. Though it is the message that we carry which causes us to be separated from the crowd, and which causes others to become our enemies because we tell them the truth, yet it is the same message which can at last convert the same soul which before despised us! When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him! Your cross may indeed be heavy, but always remember that HIS burden is light! When you feel lonely, Jesus IS ever so near!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill

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