Finding Contentment in God's Goodness

Jeremiah 31:14b
...and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness, saith the LORD.

Imagine with me, if you will, a day when the people of God are indeed satisfied with God’s goodness. Too many are the restless and weary saints, who for lack of gratefulness for God’s goodness, ask for dainties other than that Manna from Heaven which is sent to satisfy their souls in drought! It is only when we get to a place where we are satisfied with the Bread of Life alone that we are no longer distracted, persuaded, and owned by the temporal. God’s goodness is sufficient! We do not need anything else! Why then are we often discontent with that of which we are blessed?

I am not discouraging you from seeking more from God; I am only discouraging you from approaching God with an attitude that treats Him as if He has not provided sufficient grace! Godliness with contentment is indeed great gain, for it is when we are most thankful for what we have already been given that our Lord gives us increase. On the other hand, it is when we become bitter and full of complaint that He sends leanness to our souls! When this happens, we may get what we want outwardly, but we cannot enjoy it inwardly. That’s when we find out that those things which we feel we need the most in life often leave us sadly disappointed for the lack of satisfaction they bring.

The sooner we learn that when we have Jesus, we have enough, the better off we’ll be! When our Christian experience is based upon a love relationship with our Heavenly Father, and not just a punishment and reward system, we truly learn that the deepest needs of our heart and soul are met only in the presence of Christ! The psalmist said it well when he said, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” No greater truth can be found written in fewer words concerning the all-sufficiency of Christ than is found in that phrase! After Christ, what is there left to want?

One might ask, “Where is God’s goodness?” Look to the cross, and you will find Him there! God looked to the cross, and was satisfied (Isaiah 53:11); if then the God of the universe was satisfied with the cross, how much more shall we who are but mortal men become thoroughly satisfied with His fount of many blessings flowing from that old rugged cross! Look to Christ, and be satisfied, both now and forever! Many a sinner has taken a drink! Will you?

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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