Searching for Today's Leaders: A Nostalgic Look at America's Past

Ezekiel 21:14b is the sword of the great men that are slain…

“I have been told of our rich heritage as a nation even from childhood. I remember the stories of men of old who lived unselfishly, sacrificing all including life itself so that I could be free. I have heard of our founding fathers and their unwavering faith in God Almighty; men like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. I have been taught that their leadership was forged in honesty, integrity, and justice. I have been told that to follow in their footsteps would be to live to as high a standard as one could have.

I have been told that God’s sovereign plan birthed our great nation through hardship, adversity, and a thirst for freedom from some of history’s most courageous and daring men of all times. I was taught that America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave. I was told that all true Americans love freedom, and that most are still willing to fight to keep those freedoms alive.

I was raised to believe that what truly made America great was found at the grass roots level; men and women in general who had a certain reverential fear of God and respect for their fellow man. I heard that if America’s people ever stop being great, then America itself will cease to be great.

Today, I am disturbed that it is difficult to find the kind of leadership in modern-day America that she once enjoyed. Quite frankly, I am concerned for our future as a nation, as it appears that by large our leadership has dropped all decent standards of morality whatsoever, all in the name of political correctness.

Is it me, or has something changed? The ‘ideal’ America that I was raised and taught to love and defend is not the America I know today. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll still fight for her and defend her if need be, but I’d like to know that by the time I’m finished sacrificing my life, that America will not simply be sold to the highest bidder, and that my sacrifice is in vain.

Does anyone else ever ask the question, ‘Where are today’s great leaders?’ I pray that America will one day become again what I was led to believe that she was when I was a child. Who am I, you ask? Just another X-Generation child wondering about the future of my children and grandchildren, wondering if anyone will rise to the occasion and lead us back home again…Maybe you can.”

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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