Building with Integrity: The Dangers of Watering Down the Gospel

Ezekiel 22:28a
And her prophets have daubed them with untempered mortar…

As I read this text, I am reminded of a time in my childhood when a close friend of mine was building a new basement under his existing home. As he began to lay the block down for the west wall, he began to express concerns that the mortar he was using on the first run might have been a bit too weak. He thought about undoing his work and starting over, but had already laid about three or four rows of block. Though reluctant, he decided to be sure and mix the remaining batches at a stronger mix than the first batch, and continue with the project, rather than starting over; after all, it was too much work to have to re-do!

So, the decision was made. The block wall went all the way up to the top, and all appeared great. However, just before my friend had a chance to lower the jacks and rest the house upon the new foundation, a hard rain came in, created great pressure upon the new wall, and then it happened; the weak mortar caved under pressure, and the entire wall collapsed! Thankfully, the house was still resting upon temporary bracing; else the house would have come down with the wall.

Here is the moral of the story; untempered mortar never holds under pressure! So it is with the preaching of the Word of God. We cannot water down truth simply because it is more convenient for us, or because it pacifies others. We must either declare the truth of God’s Word in its entirety, or declare it not at all. To soften the message to appease the crowds will not hold up in the Day of Judgment, either for the preacher or for his congregation.

Furthermore, to re-define God’s Word in order to appeal to the masses, entertain the spectators, justify unrighteousness, or to be politically correct is to defeat the whole purpose of preaching altogether. To put it plainly, every pastor must decide whether he wants to be a politician or a preacher, but he cannot be both.

It amazes me that so many today are laying upon the foundation of Christ wood, hay and stubble, all of which will burn as chaff. What good have we done as pastors if we never have the courage to stand up and preach against sin while promoting righteous living? Are we not trusted to preach the Scripture with strength from God? Then let us preach His pure, unadulterated Word with no regrets!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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