God the Rebuilder: Transforming Ruins into Rain

Ezekiel 36:36b
…I the LORD build the ruined places…

Now isn’t that just like God? I mean, out of all the places in the earth He could be building, He decides to build the ruined places. That is great news; however, the greater news is that He is still doing so today! The Lord specializes in taking ruin and turning it into rain. He can take the direst of circumstances, put His touch on it, and then transform it from a desert-like lifeless situation into that of a well-watered garden. All we need is God’s touch and His breath on our lives, and all will be well. God not only CAN do this, but He WANTS to do so; better than that, He delights in doing so! That’s why we should shout if we’re in an impossible situation, because we have a prime opportunity for God to show Himself mighty in our lives.

What kind of dilemma are you facing today? Nothing is too hard for God! For a moment, allow me to minister to that one who feels like they have ruined everything. Perhaps you have ruined a relationship, or at least damaged it; perhaps a career has been lost because of a mistake you made; maybe when you look around in the rubble of your life, all you see is ruin and waste. I’ve got good news for you! What looks like ruin in our eyes, looks like a construction zone in God’s eyes!

God wants to mend your broken heart, save your marriage, bless your career, bring healing to your body, or whatever the case may be. Will you grant Him the building permit? I know it is difficult to understand exactly how God can get glory out of any situation, but He can and He does. One of the reasons that we do not grant God a building permit is because we cannot see what He sees. All we see is a mess, but He sees a messenger; all we see is a trouble-maker, but God sees a problem-solver; all we see is a sinner, but God sees a saint; all we see is our sins and mistakes, but God sees the blood!

It is when we catch His vision for our lives that we then begin to see what He has seen in us truly come to pass. It is not that He places confidence in us, but He knows that after He gets through working on us, we will be a Masterpiece of His Handy-work. Can you see what God sees? From now on, determine to look at yourself not as a ruined and wasted life, but as a miracle in the making. Give your life to God; He will build it up!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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