Embracing Humility: Learning from the Resistance to Jesus

Luke 6:11ย ย And they were filled with madness; and communed one with another what they might do to Jesus.

All you have to do to create enemies is the right thing! You see, it is their perspective that causes them to so hate you for being anointed. Their problem with you is this; they think that either you are doing the right thing the wrong way, or you are doing the wrong thing altogether. It is understood that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things; however, the โ€˜howโ€™ of ministry should be dictated by the Word of God and the Spirit of God, and not by opinions and traditions of men.

Furthermore, what really upsets them is when you are doing something they think God would disapprove of, and yet God still blesses and anoints you and lays it on so thick that it is obvious that His hand is on you. That is the place at which these scribes and Pharisees were when they got fighting mad with Jesus. Not only did He speak convicting truth to their hypocritical hearts, but He also walked in an anointing that proved that He was right and that Godโ€™s favor was upon Him and not them.

There is a thing called pride that causes a man who is so convinced he is right that he will fight God Himself to try to prove it. I have seen people who were convinced that they were so right for so long that for fear of losing their support among the brethren, they would never admit theyโ€™ve been wrong the whole time. Rather, they choose to live out the rest of their days under a mask which yields no power with God to save their ministry.

Some people are so bent on their own set of rules, regulations, opinions, experiences, and traditions that they would rather go to the grave wrong than to admit that they were. I pray that God will give us some leaders today who will make the necessary adjustments along the way which will prohibit them from rising to this level of pride. Perhaps if we all learned to admit when we were wrong, even if it hurt our pride, we would learn that far less damage is done that way than is done when we try to save face. You may save your face, but you will lose your power with God.

Do not fight and resist what the Holy Spirit is teaching you, even if it goes against everything youโ€™ve been taught. Do not become like one of those in our text. Be a person of the Book!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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