Nourishing Souls with the Bread of Life

Matt. 14:16 But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat.

They need not depart...a truth which must be revived in our generation. There is enough bread in the house, but it must first be blessed, broken, and then passed around by the Master.

How many will visit a church this coming Sunday and then leave just as spiritually hungry as they came? One could argue that they were simply not willing to eat; I cannot deny that this is a legitimate argument. However, what about those who leave hungry because the Bread of Life was not blessed, broken and shared?

It takes the worship of our Savior (so as to bless Him), the identifying of ourselves with Him in His death (so as to be broken), and then our sharing the Gospel (the death, burial, and resurrection) with others in order for them to become satisfied with that Bread of Life!

It would be a sad reality for someone to leave our realm of influence without having been filled with the goodness of God. What tragic mentality would prohibit anyone from feeding a hungry soul? It is the mentality that we do not have what they need. Furthermore, it is the idea that someone else can do a better job feeding them than we can; worse yet, it is the idea that we think they can feed themselves without our help.

However, Jesus said, “They need not depart; give ye them to eat.” Question: Are you ready to give an answer to any man who asks of the hope of Christ which is in you? Do not look for your colleagues of the faith to do all the soul-winning for you. There are certain people in your life which will never receive the Gospel unless YOU tell them! Do not send them away empty-handed.

It doesn’t matter if the time seems inconvenient. If you notice, Jesus had a habit of doing things during the strangest times of the day; that way, He could teach us that the only thing that really matters is faith and obedience. Do not allow external circumstances to out-weigh the eternal significance of any providential moment.

If we will but give Jesus what little bit we have, be it a small amount of time, a small amount of money, a small amount of talent, a small amount of prayer, or anything else which feels insignificant to us, Jesus will do more with our little bits than we ever dreamed possible. Just remember one thing; with His touch, there’s enough to go around!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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