The Ultimate Guide: Living by the Words of Christ

Luke 24:8
And they remembered his words…

How rare is it today for the average person to remember the words of Christ before he or she remembers the words of another person? It is paramount that the leaders of the body of Christ especially pay attention to which words we choose to remember; after all, it is usually a choice. Every day, we choose which set of words we will live by. Unfortunately, too many are still hung up in what others have said, instead of what Christ has said. There should never be a voice in any of our lives as professed followers of Christ that is any louder than the words of Christ. His words are enlightening, engaging, challenging, inspiring, and life changing to say the least. When we remember what it is HE has said, all other voices dim in comparison. If there is anything I have become fanatical about, it is our need as the body of Christ to become so saturated and driven by the words of Christ, that we literally live with the mind and the spirit of Christ. If you ever have a close encounter with Christ (a “road to Damascus” experience so to speak), then no other word will suffice. When the scorner, the sinner, self, the misguided saint, or even Satan himself speaks words of ill intent into your world, after having heard the words of Christ beforehand, they find no real welcoming into your life anymore. That’s why Jesus taught us that it is when we know the truth that the truth sets us free. We are set free from lies and counterfeits. Thankfully, those of us who have put our faith in Christ also have the aid of the Holy Spirit to bring those things to remembrance which we have heard before. So, my challenge to you today is to saturate yourself with the Word of God as much as possible. That way, when the day comes that you are surrounded by circumstances of confusion and doubt, you will have filed away in the recesses of your heart and mind those seeds of truth which the Holy Spirit will then be able to water and cultivate to bring you through even the darkest of times. One thing is for sure; it is difficult to remember something which you have never been exposed to in the first place! Get the Word in your heart even if you do not understand it today. One day, when you least expect it, you’ll be just as the disciples were in our text today, remembering his words with fresh revelation and understanding!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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