Enduring Foundations: The Key to Lasting Spiritual Impact

1 Corinthians 3:14
If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

Oh, that God would give us a work that is built to last! It is amazing to me how much activity goes on in the church world today that yields no remaining, lasting fruit. If we are to build, then we are to build according to the specificity of God’s blueprints! His Word is our guideline, and that alone. Nothing else will last. Men’s traditions have failed us, leaving us bleeding and dying in the coldness of dead religion. Colleges and universities have failed us, often giving us young preachers that have unparalleled intellect, but who have no power with God. Our own agendas have failed us, causing us to crash and burn at a time when we should be doing better than ever. Economics have failed us, causing us to learn that the things which money can’t buy are the things which money can’t fix. Entertainment has failed us, giving us false illusions of so-called success, but leaving us still empty inside after the last song is sung and the last stage light is turned off. Politics have failed us, reminding us of how weak even our strongest leaders can be when faced with a proposal to compromise.

Men have tried every gimmick, every tactic, every strategy, every approach, and every angle they can to build the work of God the way they want it built, all to no avail. Until we get back to the core principles of the Word of God which are provided to ensure endurance, stability, and consistency, then we will never see a lasting work. What good is it for a pastor to gain an audience's attention, if he has not gained their allegiance? What good is it to have a large following, if no future leaders are discipled and trained to carry on the work? What good is it to a farmer to have a field, but to sow no seed? Furthermore, what good is it, if after having sown the seed, to never water and cultivate it so it can have the opportunity to increase?

So it is with the church; if we meet together every week, and the church pews are full, and we are dazzled by the professional musicians and the eloquent speakers, and yet the raw truth of the Word of God, uncompromised, is never sown or watered, what good is it? If we build our buildings, but never build our people, what good have we done? May God help us never to skip the process of laying the foundation first!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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