From Blindness to Destiny: Paul's Path Illuminated by Fellowship

Acts 22:11
And when I could not see for the glory of that light, being led by the hand of them that were with me, I came into Damascus.

Paul the Apostle was a man of destiny! We know this because God had set him apart to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. Yet, we see Paul struggling during his divine transformation to be able to see clearly. I find it true that when Christ manifests Himself and His purpose in our lives, often is the case that the light is too bright for our limited eyes to be able to process, thus placing us in a place of blindness, as it were. Has God ever shown you so much of the glory that is to be revealed in you, that it hurt your eyes to the point of blindness? Have you ever thought that you heard God speak a word to you about what He wants to do through you, and, like Sarah (Abraham’s wife), because you could not SEE it, you sort of chuckled? If so, then God has given me a word for you! Even though YOU cannot see the way, does not mean that you won’t get there! You see, Paul was in a very fortunate position; he had some friends that were with him. Our text says of Paul that he was “led by the hand of them that were with [him]…” I need to say this; God will always send somebody in defining moments of destiny in your life that are with you. I’m not talking about people that are just physically present, but I’m talking about people who are really WITH you…they are not just in it for the causes that you represent, but they are actually in it FOR YOU! You may not have very many, but even if it is just one or two, that is ok, because they have been hand-picked by God to help you get to the place of your destiny! I am telling you that even though YOU can’t see it all clearly yet, God has others around you that he will connect with you who will be able to help SEE you through! And you will know that they are for you, because they will only be there to bless you, and not to drain you or take advantage of your vulnerability. They will recognize the call of God that is upon your life, and will give you the respect and the space you need to be able to spread your wings and fly, without becoming jealous of who you are becoming, and without trying to hold you back, run you down, talk about you behind your back, or even kill you just to get your position. Someone is on your way now!
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