Embracing the Full Spectrum of Sonship

Hebrews 5:8
Though he [Jesus] were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;

Sonship comes with both its privileges and responsibilities. Do not think that just because you are a son of God, that you will avoid the hardships required to instill into your inner man what it takes to appropriately live up to your family name! Some look at Jesus when He is healing people and raising people from the dead, and think to themselves, “Yea, that’s easy for Him to do, He’s Jesus! He’s God’s son!” But what they don’t realize is the price of suffering He paid in order to be able to be given that name that is above every name! Many people only see the Jesus who fed the multitudes, but never really get a close-up of the Christ of Calvary. Christ was given the kind of favor that is unparalleled in eternity past or eternity future; why? Because He learned obedience by the things which He suffered!

In like manner, we need to stop thinking to ourselves, “I’m a child of the King…I’m not supposed to be treated this way!” If you bear the weight of sonship in the family of God, you will have your privileges indeed, but you will also have your responsibilities! There is a price to pay to be promoted by God, and to be favored by God! I’m not talking about lying down and letting the enemy run over you; I’m talking about accepting the path that God has chosen for you, even if it means taking the path of MOST resistance!

One thing is for sure; your reward will be in direct proportion to your level of suffering you have gone through for His names’ sake. If you can’t take up your cross, then you won’t get that resurrection power that comes afterwards. Being a child of God is much better than being a child of the devil ANY day, but let me tell you, those who truly follow God know that it is not a cake walk! True obedience to God requires great discipline to say no to self, Satan, society, and everything else that would oppose His direction for your life. True obedience does not ask permission or check in with your circumstances, your bank account, your associates, your brethren, your family, or even your own personal preferences. True obedience pushes the Abraham inside of you to be willing to lay his Isaac on the altar if need be to ensure that God’s will be done. Are you found in obedience today? If so, look for the promotion!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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