Welcoming God's Timely Presence

Gen. 18:1a  And the LORD appeared unto him…

Many a time have I found myself in a place of desperation; that is, until the Lord showed up!  Have you ever had the Lord to just show up, seemingly from out of nowhere, just when you needed Him the most?  If so, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!  Sometimes the Lord shows up in moments when we are seeking Him diligently; other times, He shows up when we are not even expecting Him. In either case, we had better do as Abraham, and make Him feel welcome!

You see, any time the Lord shows up, it is very strategic, and very timely. It is not happenstance or coincidence; it is a Divine appointment.  God has a very specific purpose for His personal visits to your house!  For Abraham, it was the time in his life that God was waiting for; a time when Abraham and Sarah both had given up hope on having a child.  Their condition, naturally speaking, went past the point of child bearing.  They had a promise, but from their perspective, the promise was nothing more than empty words at this phase in their lives.

Isn’t it interesting that even when we are in doubt, God still has mercy on us and blesses us anyway?  You see, God’s promise wasn’t conditioned on whether or not Abraham or Sarah kept their faith; it was based solely on His Word alone!  And God keeps His promises!  Even so, our natural way of thinking often causes us to grow impatient and even doubt the promises of God’s Word.  When we get to these low points in our faith, it is then we need the Lord to “make an appearance” in our lives to reassure us that He has spoken, and that He will perform.  He is ever so gracious to do so, is He not?

What about you?  Have you been wondering lately where God is at in your life?  I ask you now to let this word of hope bring comfort to your soul as you seek again the manifest presence of God.  Know that He is there, even when you can’t see Him, feel Him, or hear Him.  There is something about the act of seeking Him out that brings Him much joy.  He longs for the longing of His creation.

Has it ever occurred to you that God, through the silence and through the vacuum, may be simply creating space for Himself in your life?  Maybe what He is waiting on is for you to come to Him in faith and openly admit that there is no more room available in your heart for self, and that He now has full reign. 
~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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