Seeking Safety Beyond Borders: David's Flight to the Philistines

1 Sam. 27:1 And David said in his heart, I shall now perish one day by the hand of Saul: there is nothing better for me than that I should speedily escape into the land of the Philistines; and Saul shall despair of me, to seek me any more in any coast of Israel: so shall I escape out of his hand.

The hostility that Saul had towards David was so thick, that David sought refuge among his enemies, because he felt safer there. Now, remember that these two men at one point served the kingdom together, as friends. Isn’t it amazing how things can change? David, still maintaining his integrity, and having had two opportunities to kill Saul once and for all, declined the opportunity because he knew that God had not stripped Saul’s kingdom from him yet, and thereby was still God’s anointed. David’s cry, then, was not to touch God’s anointed. And the truth of the matter was, God honored David’s integrity and gave him protection everywhere he went until he was promoted as the next king. Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder what the kingdom would have been like had Saul actually obeyed the voice of The Lord, and chose to bless David rather than turning against him. Isn’t it a shame that David had to flee what was once his home and his place of friendships and companionships; he had to flee what once was a safe place, in order to get away from its impending danger? Isn’t it amazing that he had to seek refuge among the enemies, of all people, just to keep a safe distance from his so-called “friends”?

Dear Church, if we’re not careful, we can become so condescending in self-righteousness that we run people away from the fellowship to seek refuge among the wolves, because they feel safer among the lost than they do the so-called “Christians”. I am grateful that many churches are not like this. I am grateful that a good many claim only Christ’s righteousness, and therefore love all who come their way with the love that Christ has to offer. But may I say this; the old sin nature in us sometimes still wants to feel as if we are better than others, and when we feed those false narratives, we begin to become hostile towards others by default because we only see THEIR “sin” and not our own. At this point, we’re so cynical and damaging with our tongues, attitudes, and even body language, that we send a loud, clear message to others that their chances of acceptance and love are better among the lost. May God help us to keep the old man and the flesh crucified, that only the new man may live and be under the influence of The Holy Spirit, blessing others with God’s Grace!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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