Reclaiming What Was Lost: The Power of Divine Restoration

1 Sam. 30:19 And there was nothing lacking to them, neither small nor great, neither sons nor daughters, neither spoil, nor any thing that they had taken to them: David recovered all.

The Amalekites had invaded David’s small hometown while he was out doing battle elsewhere, and had stolen their wives, sons, daughters, livestock, and whatever else they wanted to take with them for a spoil. In like manner, it seems that our enemy still focuses on our areas of weakness and vulnerability. While we are focused strong on one front, the enemy hits us where we are least covered and least protected. To be honest, it is difficult to cover ALL fronts when you have so much to protect, from so many different angles. However, we need not be surprised by this reality. We also need not despair or give up. We ought rather to ask our Lord to teach us to war and to cover all bases so that our enemy can’t find a single breach of security through which he can come in and attack. But if the enemy happens to slip through a breach in the wall, the good news is that God can help you recover what was lost, just as He did for David.

I may be writing to someone right now who feels like you were hit by the enemy from an angle that caught you totally off guard, and in the process of that attack, the enemy took something very precious from you. Whatever the loss was, please allow me to remind you that God is a God of restoration. He allowed David to pursue the enemy and to recover ALL that was lost. God can do the same for you! Now, I am a realist, so let’s keep it balanced. For example, when Job lost all that he had, including his children, God restored unto Job twice what he had before. So, DID God restore ALL that was lost? Well, yes, AND no. Let me explain. God DID restore unto Job TWICE as much as he had before, but God did NOT raise his children whom he had lost back up from the dead. In other words, you may not always get back EXACTLY what was lost, but God can bring restoration back in ways that speak volumes, which is at bare minimum the dynamic equivalent of, if not more than, what was lost. This means that God cares for your pain and your loss, and wants to restore. Will you allow God to teach you and guide you on how you can go down into the enemy’s camp and TAKE BACK what was stolen from you? When you’re fighting God’s battles on HIS behalf, you may experience a few casualties and losses along the way, but He compensates you very well for doing so. You can rejoice today in knowing that all is not lost, because all is not yet restored, but soon shall be!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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