Honoring the Nathans God Sends Our Way

2 Samuel 12:1a And the LORD sent Nathan unto David…

God is still sending men!! Upon reading the opening words of chapter twelve, it’s a moment to pause and give thanks to The Lord for the men and women of God He has sent into our lives over the years to provide correction, instruction, wisdom, sound doctrine, and vision for our lives, families, and ministries. The voices that have resonated the loudest and made significant impacts on our destiny deserve our gratitude.

Today, I encourage readers to take a moment to reflect on those God has placed in their path for spiritual guidance and support. Whether through a letter, a call, or a simple text, reaching out to thank them for their obedience to God’s calling can be a profound gesture of appreciation.

God meticulously orchestrates the encounters we have with His messengers, placing them in our lives for our edification and growth. The misconception that God wouldn’t send a specific person to aid an individual is far from the truth. Jesus Himself often paused His teachings to the masses to address the needs of the one, showcasing God’s personal attention to each of us.

Just as the Lord sent Nathan to David, God sends individuals into our lives tasked with delivering His message, tailored for our personal walk with Him. This personal approach underscores that God values individuality within His larger plan, reminding us that each person contributes uniquely to the collective journey of faith.

Let us not underestimate the significance of every divine messenger, regardless of our status or position. From the seemingly mundane to the pivotal moments of our lives, God uses His Word to guide, correct, and bless us. Recognizing and honoring the “Nathans” in our lives not only deepens our gratitude but also our connection to the divine narrative that God is unfolding in each of us.

Are you listening to the divine messengers God has sent your way? Their presence is a gift, a testament to God’s intimate involvement in our lives, inviting us to embrace His Word and the blessings it brings.

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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