Reigning by Bloodline: Jehoash and Our Spiritual Authority

2 Kings 11:21
Seven years old was Jehoash when he began to reign.

Here, a child began to reign as the King. Think of it! How capable, knowledgeable, and seasoned in matters of running a nation of people could this child have become by the time he reached the ripe old age of seven? How could this be? How could someone so young and innocent be granted powers of Kingship that he has yet to even be able to fully grasp or understand? Surely he was not given full authority and right at such a young age! Or was he? The answer is simple; he was indeed! You see, while he was growing and developing, something had happened when he was an infant. An enemy of his household killed all of the royal blood…that is, all but him. He was actually rescued and hidden with his caretaker in the House of The Lord for all these years, until the time was right for him to assume his rightful place as King. He only needed to be old enough, as it seems, to be able to execute decisions that only a King could execute. All he needed was an adviser who was older and wiser, who could give him the insight he needed to make the right decisions. And because of his bloodline, he was the only one who could actually execute those kingly decisions!

Even so, when the time was right, he was anointed the King, assumed full authority as such, and the treasonous Athaliah who attempted to kill all the royal blood, and who had forcefully hijacked the throne, was finally killed herself, and thus removed out of the King’s way of ruling.

Even so, we who are birthed into the Kingdom of God through the shed blood of Christ, are born into the lineage of the King. Even from birth we have rights, privileges, and authorities granted us that we alone can execute when the time is right. All we need is to be spiritually mature enough to be able to execute those authorities under the guidance of One who is Wiser that we are! Our Kingdom authority is not based upon our wisdom, our strength, our experience, our expertise, our resources, or anything else; it is solely based upon our bloodline!!

Dear child of God, when are you going to rise up and step into the authoritative role you have already been given through your relationship with Jesus Christ? We have power over our adversary the devil, who has attempted to undermine and claim false authority over our lives long enough! And even if you are not yet ready to reign, you can enter into the throne room of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who will give you the wisdom you need to be able to make the right calls as a King yourself!!!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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