Renewed Strength: A Prayer for Those Weary in Ministry

Psalm 39:13
O spare me, that I may recover strength, before I go hence, and be no more.

Today, I am writing to someone in ministry whose strength is spent up! You’ve gone as far as you can go. You know that unless The Lord restores your soul, you are done. If that is you, then make this verse your prayer today, dear friend. As the Psalmist prayed, ask our Heavenly Father to recover your strength before you come to your end, whatever that may look like. I can tell you this; Jesus cares very much to aid and assist you in your recovery as you continue to seek strength with which to serve Him. Just a few days ago, perhaps you may have read the following verse in your reading with us in Psalm 34:19, which says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” This reminds us that, though the frequency of battles come regularly, and the duration of the battles often last a good long while, yet regardless of their length or frequency, there is not a single instance where the Lord will not deliver us!

So, as we pray our desperate prayers begging God to spare us, God has already given us a promise that He plans to do just that. Dear reader, do not let satan get an advantage over you by convincing you that it is over for you, because if you have not yet been delivered, then that simply means God will not rest until you are! Stand on His promise of deliverance, and await His majestic intervention. It is just a matter of time before He makes good on His promise by allowing to manifest in time what has already been spoken from eternity. Your strength may indeed be small, but His strength remains steadfast for ever and ever. You will soon find that the best thing that can ever happen to you is for you to lose all of YOUR strength. We often feel like we are at a disadvantage when our strength fails us, but if the truth be known, in God’s Kingdom we are at the disadvantage when it is OUR strength that we rely upon. In other words, you are in the best shape ever, spiritually speaking, when you are totally dependent upon the Lord to see you through. It may not even FEEL like it, but rest assured that His strength will carry you through ESPECIALLY during the times that your faith is so tried that you can’t even sense His presence at work in your life. Keep trusting Him all the way through your trouble.

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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