Discovering Treasure: The Victorious Power of God's Word

Psalms 119:162
I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

Speaking of spoils, you might remember the four leprous men in 2 Kings 7 who came upon the Syrian camp only to discover that the place was completely abandoned by the Syrians, having left everything behind in great haste. Remember? The Lord caused the Syrians to hear the sounds of great armies and horsemen, which smote fear in their hearts, causing them to flee for their own lives!

Meanwhile, back at their camp lay open the spoils of victory for a battle God’s people didn’t even need to lift a finger to fight! They were able to just walk right up and start picking up the former belongings of a defeated foe! Now THIS is the image I get in my mind when I read our text. The Psalmist is rejoicing at God’s Word, just as one that finds great spoil, kind of like these lepers we just mentioned!

Spoils are typically things seized by violence or taken by force. In the lepers’ case, the battle was fought without swinging a single blade or shooting a single arrow. No matter the violence or lack thereof, the results were the same; spoils for victory!

And here’s where I want to draw application. God’s Word, though violently fought against throughout the ages, has not lost a single battle. Alternatively, every time God’s Spirit swings His sword (aka the Word of God), His enemies scatter, leaving behind whatever may then be reclaimed by the family of God.

Even now, God’s people are still rejoicing at God’s Word, as if they came across great spoil, because God’s Word always defeats the enemy when used properly, and God paid a great price to deliver His Word to us for our benefit in such a way that while HE paid the price, WE rejoice!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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