Plowing in Hope: Ensuring Our Pastors Are Adequately Supported

1 Corinthians 9:10
…he that ploweth should plow in hope…

The Apostle Paul here, building a Biblically sound case for the adequate compensation of the Gospel preacher for his labor in the Word, makes a strong point I wish to highlight with the help of The Lord today. See this; he that ploweth should plow in HOPE.

Simply put, he that preaches the Gospel should do so with high expectation that his NEEDS should be adequately met as he gives himself to The Lord’s work. Paul even does something many today are told shouldn’t be done; he goes to the Old Testament Mosaic law for principles which are then applied to the New Testament economy of the church. Who are we to argue with Pauline doctrine given to him by the hand of The Lord?

Why do I labor over this point? It is in hopes that any church who can meet the needs of their pastor should do so without hesitation. Each church is different, and the needs of each pastor is different, depending on the local economy, the size of the pastor’s family, and the specific needs which may be different as there are too many variables involved in order to use a “one size fits all” calculator.

Study this passage, then pray for ways (if this applies) that your church can adequately supply for the needs of the pastor God has sent your way. Also, if this is your heart, but the hands are not full enough to do it, let him know your heart, so that he may plow in hope! That way, he knows that it is the plans of the congregation to do more as God enables.

Be practical, be realistic, be faithful, and be full of faith! Never think for a moment that you are doing too much for the man that God sent your way. In another passage, double honor is commanded. Go for it!

~ Pastor Gary Caudill
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