Food for Thought with Pastor Gary

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"Jesus had to give Himself over to the full access, control, and pleasure of His enemy's will to kill Him temporarily for the end result that He reign supreme as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and to be given the name that is above every name!  For that joy that was set before Him, He ENDURED it all!!  But ENDurance IS NOT the END!  It is living beyond the end to resurrection day!!!"

Attention Preachers, Teachers, and all Bible Students 

If you are a pastor, teacher, or student who may be interested in your own Corner Stone Keynotes platform by which to anchor all of your teachings and/or study materials to the KJV Bible text with digital "footnotes" as is illustrated in this page (click on Hebrews 12 below and scroll down to verse 2 for the complete visual / loop), contact me for more info.
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