Digging Wells: Unearthing the Wellsprings of Faith

The sermon series titled "Digging Wells," based on Genesis 26:18, focuses on revitalizing key aspects of Christian faith and practice. It emphasizes the need to rediscover and recommit to fundamental Christian disciplines like preaching, praying, and praise, likening these to the act of redigging old wells to access fresh, life-giving water. This series is a call to spiritual revival, urging believers to return to the roots of their faith, rekindle their commitment, and experience a renewed sense of purpose and vitality in their spiritual lives.

1. Preaching

This message by Pastor Caudill highlights the importance of sound doctrine and the need for righteousness and repentance in preaching. Biblical references from 2 Timothy and Luke underscore the value of enduring truth and turning away from misleading teachings.

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2. Praying

This sermon stresses the need for faithful, fervent, and faith-filled prayer in the life of a believer. It references scriptural instances, such as the removal of prayer from schools and Daniel's example, to illustrate the power and necessity of prayer in contemporary Christian life.
Date Preached:  2-19-23

3. Praise

Finally, the importance of praise is discussed through songs, shouting, and serving as acts of worship. The series uses Psalms and Isaiah to demonstrate how praise can lead to conversion, victory, and fulfillment.
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